Welcome - here's some information in advance!



We are compiling the program for the event day, June 29, 2024, on this page. Information will be updated closer to the event and as needed, right up to the event start. For general information and feedback from previous years, please visit the 'Event Info' page. If you need additional information, please let us know at puruvesiswimrun@gmail.com – we are seeking answers to your inquiries.



Friday, June 28th:


Opportunity to arrive at the event center, collect race numbers, check-in, and have dinner.

Pasta buffet in the main building starting from 7:00 PM: Porcini mushroom pasta buffet (mushrooms picked along the event route), salad, bread, and dessert for €18/person. Avocado pasta is also available as an alternative.



Saturday, June 29th:


Breakfast option in the main building for €9/person. Room occupants have breakfast included in the room rate.

9:45 AM: Route briefing and instructions.

10:00 AM: Start of all categories.

Sauna/shower facilities at the finish line, a beach fish meal included in the participation fee, and an optional purchase of a rich country-style buffet.

Awards ceremony for each category as participants arrive.

Opportunity to discuss performances, socialize, and enjoy the evening with other participants on the event grounds.


Lue ohjeet - päivä sujuu paremmin!

Practical Instructions


Rules: Please refer to the event rules in a separate PDF document.


Arrival and Parking: If you are staying in our cottages, you can park your car in the yard of your reserved cottage. Reception will guide you to the cottage.

Other participants' parking is along Kesälahdentie ("P" on the map). The area is not as large as Prisma's parking, so please park tightly to ensure all cars fit.


Registration and Bibs ("i" on the map): In the courtyard, you will receive a route map and a bib for the duration of the event.


Changing Facilities: There are facilities in the courtyard for changing clothes. However, we aim to avoid overcrowding in small indoor spaces, so be prepared to wait your turn.


Restrooms: Public toilets are located i) in the main building lobby, just after the main entrance, and ii) in the courtyard building.


Start/Finish: In front of the main building, visible from the "i" area.


Support Along the Route: Support points (1-2 depending on the distance) are marked on the route map.

  • Organizers provide water, energy drinks, chips, and bananas at the support points.
  • Participants can also receive external assistance/support at the designated support points on the map. The organizer can transport participants' personal bottles/energy snacks to the desired support point before the start, either to one or both points. Please label your personal items clearly with tape/marker to avoid confusion.

Storage of Items During the Event: We recommend leaving as many changing items as possible in your own car.

Personal belongings can be left in a sealable fabric bag in a designated, monitored, and rain-protected area in the courtyard. Bags are marked with the participant's competition number (the number on the bib). You can use tape to label your bag at home, and numbering will be done with a marker at the event center. You'll get your bag back when you return the bib.


Saunas/Showering at the Finish: After reaching the finish line, you can shower either outdoors in the event center courtyard or in the sauna.

  • A beach sauna is reserved for women, and men can use the sauna in cottage No. 10.

  • Participants staying in Naaranlahti's cottages also have the option to use their own cottage sauna in a less crowded setting.