II Puruvesi SwimRun 27.6.2020

Come and enjoy the clear waters of Finnish Lakeland and the forested islands! 

Swimrun event in the clear waters of Finnish Lakeland

Puruvesi SwimRun -event takes place in Northern Saimaa -region, Finland, on June 27, 2020. Participants swim between the mainland and islands in the Lake Puruvesi, famous for its clear and pure water. The event centre (start, finish line, parking, food, sauna, possibility for accommodation - all in the same spot) is on a farm in the middle of idyllic Finnish countryside. The event suites both beginners and more experienced participants.  

Puruvesi SwimRun 27.6.2020

  • Event Centre and organiser: Matkailutila Naaranlahti, Kesälahdentie 1614, Hiukkajoki. Contact: puruvesiswimrun@gmail.com and +358 50 5440103.
  • Services in a nutshell: Start/finish, parking and other services (sauna, dining, possibility to accommodate) are in one spot, on a local farm in Finnish countryside, close to town Savonlinna. Swim sections in Lake Puruvesi, famous for its clear water. On foot, the route is located on the mainland and in the islands.
  • Categories/routes/prices:
    • Cute (75/90 €): 12 km (of which 3 km swimming).
    • Mono (88/99 €): 16 km (5 km swimming).
    • Duo Standard (115/130 €/person): 23.5 km (7.5 km swimming).
    • Duo Double (130/150 €/person): 40 km (13.5 km uintia)
    • The early bird prices are valid until April 14, 2020.
    • Preliminary route map as a separate PDF document. The longest swim section 800 m (Mono + Duo series). The routes will be confirmed during the spring.     
  • The entry fee includes:
    • A printed route map to be taken with you on the route  
    • Timekeeping and results
    • Right to use parking, dressing, sanitary and washing facilities at the competition centre as well as dry toilets in Petrinsaari Island on the route
    • Services of the service points along the route
    • A warm meal after the race
    • Prizes
    • A swim cap with the printed event logo
    • Bib (to be returned after the race)
    • Obligatory sales taxes
  • Registration: By transferring the entry fee to the organiser’s bank account FI20 3939 0055 6245 14 / Matkailutila Naaranlahti and by submitting the following information by email (name, nationality, date of birth, telephone, email, category) and a receipt of the payment to the address puruvesiswimrun@gmail.com.
  • Rules: See preliminary rules in a separate document.
  • Accommodation: You can book accommodation at the event centre Matkailutila Naaranlahti. Possibility for accommodation in rooms (single/double rooms) or holiday houses. For available options contact info@naaranlahti.com.  


Memories from the summer of 2019: "I was most pleased with the clear water of Lake Puruvesi”

In June 2019, the first ever Puruvesi Swimrun event gathered 34 participants from Finland, Russia and Germany. Here, some feedback from the participants.

  • 65% of respondents gave the event an overall rating of 9 or 10 (grading scale 4-10).
  • 25% of respondents gave the event a general rating of 7 or 8 (grading scale 4-10).
  • 47% of respondents replied, "For sure, I will attend the event in 2020, too".
  • 40% of respondents replied, "I may participate/I do not yet know whether to attend the event in 2020".
  • Open comments:
    • "Challenging, great and exceptional"
    • "The amount of swimming was good and the length of swim sections varied. Had to think and navigate where to go. Refreshing in comparison to routes that have been marked too clearly. A challenging and varying route. "
    • "Excellent and unique event with warm atmosphere even for the spectators. Excellent – stay as you are!"
    • "At the end it was nice to run the road. On the islands we had to move on really mossy and rocky off-road surfaces. I was most pleased with the clear water of the Lake Puruvesi, as well as the fact that finally there’s a swimrun event where participants swim clearly longer time than they run.”

Photographer Jarno Artika captured the event in 2019 in pictures and videos. See below his 20 photos and a video that take us back to last summer's landscapes with blue skies and clear water. Thank you to everyone for creating the warm atmosphere! 

The route is "nature pure"

The Puruvesi Swimrun is exceptional among the numerous swimrun events. Not only because of the clear and pure water of Lake Puruvesi but also due to its nature-oriented way of marking the routes on islands.  

Here some guidelines for marking the route: 

  • On the islands, the route passes both private and state-owned forests. With the state forests, we work together on how to steer the route, especially in the vicinity of sensitive nature protection areas. We take advantage of the already existing man-made routes (paths, roads) where they are. However, we do not, in principle, mark the routes, make paths or other new infrastructure. Thus, the nature on islands remains as much as possible "untouched" by the event as we do not create new permanent or semi-permanent routes.   
  • The principle described above means that the participants themselves can decide their route on the islands. Shall I walk/run along the shoreline to reach the next swim section? Or should I take a shortcut through the forest? This is something that each participant/team can decide themselves. On the islands Tissi and Härkösaari, the route is printed on the map so that it follows the shoreline. On these sections (400 m + 550 m), there are no paths and one can basically forget the idea of running fast. On the other islands, one has better opportunities for running, in a similar way like in orienteering events.
  • Since the route on islands is not marked on trees and stones or sign posts, a question can creep into mind: what if I get lost? In the shortest categories, the running route does not take you to the islands at all. In other categories, the majority of the 12 islands are small and easy to get a good grasp of. The largest island (Petri) is at its widest about 400 meters and has a length of about 2.5 km. When a participant leaves the Petri island behind, the swim sections begins either right on the west tip of the island or - when going eastwards - on the easternmost point.
  • The route line printed on the map is the organiser's suggestion for the best route. However, on the islands, you will also find your way even though tyou would not follow the route printed on the map. .
  • If you feel suspicious and uncertain, whether this is your cup of tea, you can use the map in advance and try to predict how it would work out to find the right direction with the help of a map. 
  • For the truth to not be forgotten: we do mark the route! Especially on the paths and roads on the mainland, the route will also be marked.