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This is Puruvesi SwimRun

Puruvesi SwimRun 17.6.2023

  • Event Centre and organiser: Matkailutila Naaranlahti, Kesälahdentie 1614, Hiukkajoki. Contact: and +358 50 5440103.
  • Event programme:
    • Registration either on Friday evening or Saturday morning
    • 9:45: Event info for participants
    • 10:00 Start   
  • Services in a nutshell: Start/finish, parking and other services (sauna, dining, possibility to accommodate) are in one spot, on a local farm (Matkailutila Naaranlahti) in Finnish countryside, close to town Savonlinna. Swim sections in Lake Puruvesi, famous for its clear water. On foot, the route is located on the mainland.
  • Categories/routes/prices:
    • Cute (74 €): 12 km (of which 3 km swimming).
    • 1 person team Lake Seal Mono (99 €): 24 km (5 km swimming).
    • 2 person team Lake Seal Duo (220 €/team): 24 km (5 km swimming).
    • Route map as a separate PDF document (the route is the same as in 2022). The longest swim section in all categories 650 m. 
  • The entry fee includes:
    • A printed route map to be taken with you on the route  
    • Timekeeping and results
    • Right to use parking, dressing, sanitary and washing facilities at the competition centre as well as dry toilets in Petrinsaari Island on the route
    • Services of the service points along the route
    • Traditional fish soup after the race
    • Prizes
    • Bib (to be returned after the race)
    • Obligatory sales taxes
  • Registration: By Fri 16 June latest by registration in the online shop 
  • Rules: See rules in a separate document.
  • Accommodation: You can book accommodation at the event centre Matkailutila Naaranlahti. Possibility for accommodation in rooms (single/double rooms) or holiday houses. For available options contact